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There is a greater need than ever for bioinformatics experts and experimental biologists to work together towards common goals that will expedite biological research. This conference will bring together experimentalists, computational biologists as well as bioinformaticians and showcase the next generation of informatics resources for life science researchers.


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14:00 Chairperson’s Remarks

Stefan Baumann, Head of Imaging Infrastructure, Biomarker Development / Clinical Imaging, Novartis Pharma AG

Corrado Priami14:05 Algorithmic Modeling

Corrado Priami, Ph.D., Professor, President & CEO, Microsoft Research, University of Trento, Centre for Computational and Systems Biology

The convergence between computer science and biology occurred in successive waves, involving deeper concepts of computing.Nowadays, computer science is a suitable candidate for becoming a philosophical foundation for systems biology with the same importance as mathematics, chemistry and physics. However,new developments and a strong integration of different fields of computing are needed to face the challenges of systems biology. One of these developments is the integration of knowledge inference and modeling techniques to eventually help it becoming a quantitative science.

14:35 Big Data in Small Places

Daniel MacLean, Head of Bioinformatics and Training, The Sainsbury Laboratory, Norwich

We have developed a streamlined, user-enabling approach to allow us to cover the specialist knowledge gap between our small core team of bioinformaticians and biologists seeking to gain insight from our Big Data. Our approach uses extensive training and development of easy to use analysis pipelines and tools to create an environment in which biologists can do their own bioinformatics. This approach speeds up the analysis cycle and allows us to deal with the work in a timely, productive manner using a modest, scalable and affordable core bioinformatics team.

Imaging Analysis and Visualization

15:05 Automating Analysis in Clinical Imaging Trials

Stefan Baumann, Head of Imaging Infrastructure, Biomarker Development / Clinical Imaging, Novartis Pharma AG

The Novartis imaging infrastructure has won the 2011 Bio-IT Best Practices Award, among other things for its capability of fully automating volumetric analyses of human brain image data in phase II clinical studies. This session discusses the infrastructure components needed to enable this automated workflow. It also discusses how the trend to automation in image analysis can affect technical and organizational components of the traditional image analysis workflow.

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16:15 Why Open Source Software Development Fits Perfectly with Science in Academia

Daniel James White, Ph.D., Senior Microscopist, Light Microscopy and Image Processing Facilities, Max Planck institute for Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics

Science cannot be published or verified by peers if some parts of the process are unknowable black boxes. Numerous examples in many fields prove the best way to develop scientific tools for publishable work is Open Source. Communities of users and developers with common interests are all working together in the open produce industry standard software. As an example I demonstrate the Fiji distribution of imageJ and its Coloc2 plugin for the common co-localization analysis problem.

16:45 Next-Generation High Content Screening Platforms - from Intelligent Microscopes to Cross-linked Knowledge

Urban Liebel, Ph.D., Group Leader, Head of Screening Centre, Inst. of Toxicology and Genetics, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Next-Generation robotic microscopes offer a huge potential but require novel screening technologies for higher throughput approaches. Data storage, data integration, 4D visualization, searching across several 100 data deposits world-wide in billion of data sets will be the challenge for Next-Generation-High-Content-Screening. We present several compound screening strategies for probing inflammatory effects, heartbeat, morphological readouts and tissue expression profiling and discuss the data challenge and solutions.

Karol Kozak17:15 Interactive Visualization of Large Scale Biological Data

Karol Kozak, Ph.D., Data Handling Coordinator of Light Microscopy Center - RNAi Screening Center, High Content Screening Center, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich

Technological advancements are constantly increasing the size and complexity of data resulting from large-scale RNA interference screens. We present an interactive solution for two-dimensional visualization of High Throughput Experiments (HTE) data sets involving multiple experimental variables. Such interactive visualization facilitates the exploration of such data, especially in visually “selection” interesting genes, quality controls and supporting the formulation of hypotheses on their phenotypic differences and similarities.


18:00 Keynote Introduction

Plueckthon_A 18:05 Protein Engineering: Benefiting Therapeutic Proteins and Small Molecule Drugs Alike

Andreas Plueckthun, Ph.D., Professor, Biochemical Institute, University of Zurich





Hans Lehrach18:40 ‘Systems Patientomics’: The Future of Medicine

Hans Lehrach, Ph.D., Director & Head, Vertebrate Genomics, Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics

Ten years after the completion of the human genome in a ten year international collaboration at a cost of between 1 and 3 billion Dollar, we are now getting ready to be able to sequence genomes/ transcriptomes as part of routine medical practice in oncology. The flagship project IT Future of Medicine would extend this approach to generate integrated anatomical/molecular models of every patient in the healthcare system, as the basis for a data rich, computation intensive, individualized medicine of the future.

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